Luxury Cruises

Daily Luxury Cruise Around Lefkas!

Daily luxury cruise around Lefkas Greece! Explore Lefkas and discovered its unique particular landscapes. Beautiful beaches and turquoise water that you can enjoy only by boat and a luxury cruise. Natural landscapes, caves, hidden from the naked eye unexplored seabed beaches with sand or pebbles in calm bays. Places away from indiscreet looks expand you with the uniqueness of their beauty.

Ionian Islands Private Luxury Cruise!

You have also the opportunity to rent our boat and Skipper for a private luxury cruise around Lefkas and explore more shinny destinations like Mylos or Kathisma. Fully organized beach bars to dance to the rhythms of summer and delicious cocktail. The adventure can continue for «Egremni beach». As the name reveals, this is a hidden beach, between steep cliffs and sea that leaves no one untouched!


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